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Located in downtown Chicago at 31st Street Harbor and on the Chicago Riverwalk, No Rainy Days is the premiere yacht rental company serving the Chicago Lakefront.  We offer several different luxury yacht rental options.  We are committed to providing a best-in-class boating experience. We pride ourselves in taking all of the stress out of boating so you can enjoy a day on the water with family and friends.

Sea Ray 330

  • Up to 12 guests
  • Sunpad
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Cooler, kitchenette, & bathroom

Rates range from $300 to $400 per hour, excluding captain and fuel fees.

Regal Commodore 3560

  • Up to 12 guests
  • Sunpad
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Cooler , kitchenette, & bathroom

Rates range from $375 to $475 per hour, excluding captain and fuel fees.

Our Process

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Use our easy online booking platform by clicking HERE to select your yacht, date, and time directly online in less than 60 seconds.


Hire Your Captain

Upon Booking, you receive a confirmation email with further instructions and a list of approved Captains available for hire.


Get Ready for your Voyage

Prior to Boarding, you will receive a confirmation email with voyage details and instructions.



General Information

What is a Bare Boat Charter?

Per the United States Coast Guard, a bareboat charter is an agreement where an individual (the “Charterer”) enters a contract (the “Contract”) with a boat owner (the “Owner”) for the rental and use of a boat (the “Boat”) for a period and use, as set forth in the Contract, and is temporarily considered the Boat owner. The Charterer is solely responsible for the Boat, their guests, hiring a captain and crew, and supplying food and beverages. Please note that the Charterer must either operate the Boat (if properly licensed and credentialed as a boat captain) or hire a captain and crew to operate the Boat.

How many passengers can the vessel accommodate?

12 passengers are permitted on the Boat in connection with the Charter. The captain and the crew are not considered passengers.

How do I find a Captain?

After booking and signing the Agreement, No Rainy Days LLC will provide the Charterer with a list of available captains. Alternatively, the Charterers are permitted to provide their own credentialed and licensed captain and crew, which must be approved, in writing and in advance, by No Rainy Days.

What does a Captain and crew charge for a typical four-hour Boat Rental?

Captains typically charge $125 to $150 per hour. It is customary to pay a gratuity to your hired captain and crew (remember, the Boat Rental Fee does not include the captain and crew fees and gratuity).

When is the Boat Rental Fee due?

All Boat Rental Fee payments due are payable, in immediately available funds, to the Owner’s.Representative upon execution of this Contract. All costs of the Captain and the crew, including gratuity, are to be negotiated by the CHARTERER directly with the Captain and paid directly to the Captain and the crew.

Is there an incidental fee?

Yes, there will be a $500 deposit for incidentals. This payment will be returned within 48 hours after the booking is complete if no claims are made. In the event that your rental is canceled your $500 deposit for incidentals will be returned within 48 hours.

Incidential Charges are as follows:

Cleaning Fee $125 if the boat isn’t cleaned

Staining of the interior of the boat TBD

Cleaning up of vomit on board $325

Cleaning up of vomit overboard $150

Other damages TBD


What type of payments are accepted by No Rainy Days to rent the Boat, as set forth in the Contract?

No Rainy Days accepts all major credit cards (please note that No Rainy Days charges a 3% processing fee for payment by credit card) and Zelle, Apple Pay and Cash App

Where can the Charterer and their guests park?

31st Street Harbors offers parking options. Please click HERE for more information on 31st Street Harbor and nearby parking options.

Can we go on the Chicago River?

While this is very common, it is important to note that all vessels must enter/leave through the Chicago Locks when traveling through the Chicago River, which may take up to 1 hour each way on high-traffic days. This can add time to your charter, especially during high-traffic days like Friday & Saturday afternoons. To ensure that your charter has ample time and an enjoyable boating experience, we suggest letting the No Rainy Days team and your hired Captain know that you would like to go on the Chicago River before your charter date.

Weather Policy

To ensure guest safety, No Rainy Days reserves the sole and exclusive right to determine whether the weather conditions are “chartable” or “unchartable”. Unchartable weather conditions are typically the result of (but are not limited to) heavy storms, small craft advisory warnings, gale storms, strong winds, and large waves. Chartable weather is considered light rain, passing storms and cooler temperatures.

If the weather is determined to be unchartable, a No Rainy Day representative will contact and coordinate with the Charterer to temporarily postpone or reschedule their Boat Rental to a future date. In the case of a reschedule, No Rainy Days will issue a “rescheduling credit,” to the Charterer, valid for up to one year on a Boat Rental of equal or lesser value.

What is the Boat Rental Cancellation policy?

You can obtain a partial refund of your Boat Rental Fee if you provide, to No Rainy Days, a written cancellation notice, not less than 14 days prior to the Boat Rental date/time set forth in the Contract. The 1st hour prepayment is non-refundable. If a written notice of cancellation is not received, by No Rainy Days, prior to the 14-day period, no refund of the Boat Rental Fee will be provided to the Charterer or any other entity or individual.

On Board

What can/should I bring on board the Boat for the Boat Rental?

The Boat contains a cooler, refrigerator and bathroom for guests to use. The Boat will also contain enough life preservers, including for children, but not for pets. No glass bottles, red wine or red sauces are permitted on the Boat.


We suggest that the Charterer and passengers bring on the Boat:

  • Beverages (alcoholic beverages are permitted) and snacks, although no cooking, hotplates or grills are permitted on the Boat. A microwave is made available to the passengers)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Bathing suit & towel (if swimming)
What amenities are included on/in the Boat as part of the Boat Rental?

The Boat is equipped with a Bluetooth sound system, kitchen, restroom and cooler. Additional add-ons are for purchase at the Boat Rental checkout, such as lily pads.

Do you provide food and beverage catering?

While we are not able to provide food and beverage directly to our clients, we do have suggestions for third-party vendors. Please reach out to your No Rainy Days representative for more details.

Can we bring Food and Beverages on board the Boat in connection with my Boat Rental?

Yes, you can bring food and beverages, including alcohol, on board the Boat in connection with your Boat Rental. The Boat contains a cooler, refrigerator and well-equipped kitchen for your use.  Please note that glass containers and staining liquids (like red wine, red sauces, cranberry juice, etc.) are not permitted on board the Boat.

Can I wear shoes or sandals on board the Boat?

No. Shoes and sandals are required to be removed and stored while you are on board the Boat. They will be stored away securely below deck.

Are Weapons permitted on the Boat?

The use, transport or possession of  weapons (including firearms), illegal drugs or narcotics, including marijuana, or of any other contraband or illegal items, or the participation in/of any other unlawful activity, the transport of illegal aliens, in, on or from the Boat and/or as part of or in connection with the Boat Rental, is strictly prohibited and will be cause for immediate termination of the Boat Rental, without refund of the Boat Rental Fee.

What our customers say

The boat was excellent and the owner was amazing. Great communication and beyond helpful in creating a memorable experience. I highly recommend! … and if you need a captain, can’t speak highly enough of Captain Goose. He was professional and kind throughout the planning and during the excursion.

Terry K.

Awesome boat. Awesome owners. Incredible evening. Highly recommended!!! I Will use again!

Susan V

This is hands down one of the best experiences.  The Chicago Skyline was amazing.  The boat was spacious, clean and accommodating.  I will definitely rent again.

Michelle C

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